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Elk Hunting Capital of the World
Colorado Elk hunting, Colorado Deer hunting, Colorado Antelope hunting
All on thousands of acres of private hunting land in Northwest Colorado  

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Our ranch is a family owned and operated Cattle Ranch. It just happens to be in the heart of some
of the best elk, mule deer and antelope hunting in the world.  We manage our ranch to accommodate both cattle and wildlife. We have increasing numbers of resident elk, deer and antelope. We are also located in the migration route of thousands of elk and mule deer. 

We only allow 4 hunters, maximum, at any one time on this ranch, (excluding any one group) and require resting periods between hunts. This management practice prevents over hunting, which makes a better memorable hunt for all our hunters. 

We have very limited openings each year, because our hunters have such a good time hunting on our ranch they return year after year. Give us a call so you can be one of these hunters staying in our cabin on the creek, and hunting with us. We always have a great time.  

Our 2013 season went much better than 2012. Our weather was a big factor in all four seasons. We had early snow, and had wet stormy weather in every season.  Much better than the drought of last year. The early snow caused the Elk and Mule Deer to migrate early. This all contributed to a 75% success rate and 90% opportunity rate in our 4 regular seasons. And our Antelope hunters enjoyed a 100% success.  The Ranching For Wildlife hunts got a 98% success rate on Bull Elk.   

The 2014 season started out very slow. The animal movement was late, due to warm dry conditions in October. By the end of October the Elk and Deer hunting improved considerably. Our hunters  success rate went from 50% in October to 90% in November and early December. Getting some beautiful 320-340 class Bulls. We had 100% success on the Mule Deer hunts this year. Getting some 180-185 class bucks. Our Antelope hunters enjoyed a 95% success rate this year.

The 2015 season started out very good, with the archery hunters doing very well. They got some 320 -360 bulls. Our first Rifle season hunters all got their bulls. Then the weather got unseasonably warm and dry, and the hunting slowed way down. The last part of 3rd. season finally got some snow and colder weather, and our hunters did very well. So again our best success with Elk was very early or late. We ended the season with a 75% success rate on Elk. We had fewer Deer hunters this year, but they got some beautiful bucks and enjoyed a 90% success rate. Our Antelope hunters rang in with a 100% success again. 

The 2016 hunting season was hot and dry. The Mule Deer hunting was great, with a 90% success on Deer. Several bucks in that 180 to 200 class. Our first season Elk hunters were 100%, second and third seasons were hard hunting but did have good opportunity rates, fourth season elk hunters had 100% opportunity with 90% success. We finalized with 74% success overall on elk hunters. All the bulls were young legal sized bulls, nothing big this year. Looking forward to a great year for 2017. 

2017 started out very good with the first season Elk hunters all getting their Elk. We did not have any hunters for the second season, giving the ranch a rest. That gave the third season hunters a lot of Elk to choose from. The fourth season was good again with 100% opportunity, but the hunters having some gun and ammo issues. We had four hunters for the late season and got four bulls. We did not have any Deer hunters this year but seen some very nice bucks. We went 100% on Antelope again this year.  

2018 was a hot dry year. The first season hunters had to hunt very hard, but did find one nice bull. When we finally got some moisture and colder weather the hunting improved considerably. All our hunters were wishing they had Mule deer licenses because they were seeing some very nice bucks. The antelope hunters went 100% again this year.       

We are located only 217 miles west of Denver, CO and only 10 miles north of the Hayden/Steamboat Springs, CO commercial airport.


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